Words of the President

Words of the President

We are now witnessing a turning point in the history of industrial production. It may even be considered a critical threshold in human history, so we are facing a massive challenge. The invention of the steam engine, triggered industrialization, which prompted many lines of business to sacrifice sustainability during only last two centuries. The only way out of the current bottleneck seems to be through the green and digital industries. Developed countries, in particular, are undergoing a radical transformation to implement this new way of business.

The European Green Deal has a tremendous action plan to comprehensively address and radically resolve issues triggered by delayed digitalization, environmental degradation, and climate change, as well as the biggest hurdles on the path to sustainable energy sources to meet increasing energy needs. Similar programs are currently active in the US and in China, even though they are based on different dynamics. In short, the most influential and powerful bodies in the world are now chasing "a deal" in the face of such a crucial problem.

Sustainability is an active process. Efforts must be made to sustain it. It demands us to change our mentality in a positive way and improve our perspective continuously. This concept refers not only to preventing ecological and social crises, but also to being able to create lasting solutions by creating an impact in all areas. It rejects anything that consumes energy irresponsibly, destroys habitats, and increases social inequality; in short, anything that reduces the quality of life on Earth.

As machinery manufacturers, we do not produce “things” that decrease, deplete and end as we use. Instead, we manufacture “things” that produce, multiply, and enrich as they are used. The primary sources of sustainable life are innate to our machinery/inherent in the qualities of our machines. As such, we focus on sustainability and continuously seek to improve the manufacturing model that guides our business processes and the values that inform our industrial existence.

According to us, carrying out studies that will diversify societal thought in this area is an inherent responsibility of machinery manufacturers. Our initiatives to expand strategic thinking tools on the grassroots level are among our greatest contributions in an all-in transformation effort that requires governments, companies, and individuals to share a common culture.

The open-source Green Glossary is a part of our program and strategy integrity, which we aim to support by conducting various projects.

As Machinery Exporters’ Association, we are inspired and encouraged by our recent Digital Glossary to introduce the Green Glossary. We believe that this project, which aims to explain and spread the terminology of sustainability, will receive the similar interest. We look forward to your valuable contributions and thoughts on the Green Glossary contains concepts that drive an extensive body of literature in Turkish, English, and German.